Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Ultimate BlackHat Guide

Start Earning In Excess Of $2500 Per Week!

This product is now completed and ready for purchase. Please check out the following details as to what this product comprises of:

* Exploiting affiliate networks & programs with forums to maximize revenue with CPA offers. View screenshots proving a revenue of over $8,000 in just 1 month!

* The complete 'Super Affiliate' guide. This guide includes full methods of blackhat ways to get referrals to your affiliate networks or to just simple trainn / giveaway sites. Proof of over 1000 referrals in just 3 months (1000 referrals = 100 XBox 360 Consoles!!!)

* Full mailing list script with template landing pages. Stop paying $9.99 every month for Aweber, this script can show you email bouncebacks, check emails and send out the maximum amount of emails that your host allows you to (HostGator allow 500 maximum emails per hour).
* The Brand New, Tested, Unreleased, "$3000+ Per Month For The Rest Of Your Life". This is not a method that will expire, it does not involve any cost input and it doesn't even require you to have your own website. This method is just awesome, I can't say too much about this method or there will be too much attention from affiliate networks!
* 'Cashing In From Other's Weaknesses'. This guide is unique, I have not even seen others using this method online and is a great way to easily earn an extra $100+ each day with very minimal input, approx 30 mins - 1 hour per day!
* 'YouTube Secrets'. Much sought secrets to how you can make money from YouTube by stealing the company's profits! From just 1-2 hours per work every day for a week you can start earning more than $500 every day from YouTube!
* Cloaking Your Affiliate Links. Stop other internet marketers from stealing your commission at the same time as keeping your income sources a secret to your affiliate manager. Stop being pestered as to why you are receiving affiliate commissions from other sites and boost your potential affiliate earnings!
* How Instant Messenger chat clients can start to earn you $100-$200 every day on automation! No more will you have to work long hours to pick up a decent amount of cash, instead you can sit back and work on our other methods while filling up your paypal account!

These methods are each being sold for over $1000 on other sites, do not miss out on this as it is only being sold to 100 customers due to not causing too much attention from affiliate networks.

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